Joy’s Story

First Poop Mobile – JOYCARE plates

My story begins and continues in Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised in Berea.  I have a great family and am living happily ever after with Ken and our furry kids.  After graduating with “Brave Pride” in 1982 I realized two important facts, I didn’t like college and I enjoyed working in the restaurant business so I headed downtown and started bartending.  Loved it for a while but wanted something more, Ken helped me open my next chapter, JoyCares (August, 2000) and I’ve been driving the poop mobile ever since.

My Horse Peanut

I love all animals; big and small.  My compassion for them has been a lifetime commitment straight from the heart.  Snuffy the Schnauzer was my first dog at age three, a gift from my beloved grandfather.  (My stripper name is Snuffy Beeler, LOL) I’ve cared for lots of pets both inside and outside the house; one of my favorites is Peanut.  Riding horses has impacted my life as much as dogs and cats.

Joy’s Critters
Gazelle, Sinatra, Dr. Dude (kitty), Bailey, Pete, Max and special guest Sassy.

My current critters and two dogs, Sinatra, Tonya and one kitty, Dr. Dude.

Gazelle, Pete, Max and Bailey are now playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
PLUS! I have an open door policy for at least one foster dog at a time.

After office hours I turn into an animal rescue hero.  I enjoy planning and executing fundraising events and fostering dogs for various rescues.  Especially medical disaster dogs that need to be nursed back to health.  I lend a hand for two animal rescue boards, Berea ARF (Director) and Secondhand Mutts (Vice President).

Beyond the critter world, I heart my Kindle Fire and have about 20 books on my reading list at any one time.  Reality TV shows, I know I could win The Apprentice hands down!  I love all music; I played the piano, tuba and clarinet growing up and tune in to WMMS for Big Hair Wednesdays.

Joy’s Favorites:
I love ANY type of ice cream & hot fudge sundae

Season is fall! I LOVE the colors, smells, crisp temperatures, pretty leaves+

Books – as a kid My Friend Flicka, as an adult my favorite critter book is The Art of Racing in the Rain

Cleveland Restaurant ~ LUCHITAS!!!!!!

Quote – “Some people talk to animals.  Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” ~A. A. Milne

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