Foster Care

Foster Care saves lives!
JoyCares encourages everyone to consider fostering dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, pigs or any animal in need.  The idea is to help animals adjust to a new life with a caring family, in a safe environment provided in your home until they are adopted. Joy and her staff have been foster parents many times over and every time feel fulfilled and honored for giving an animal a chance for a new, happy and healthy life. Admittedly Joy has had foster failures, Gazelle (Berea ARF) and Sinatra (Love a Stray) which simply means that Joy turned fostering into adopting.

Patience and understanding are imperative because your foster will not be perfect; he/she has had a rough life so far and will need time to build trust and figure out their new space & routine.Foster programs vary per organization, most cover veterinary care, food, and pet supplies. Some even include basic training to help increase adoption appeal.

Joy's Former Foster Pups Hope, Frankenstein, Sergio, Teddy, Holly, Punkin, Butterscotch, Brantley & Ichabod

Joy’s Former Foster Pups
Hope, Frankenstein, Sergio, Teddy, Holly, Punkin, Butterscotch, Brantley & Ichabod

Foster Tips
Evaluate your current family dynamic and home environment.
Do you have pets that are social and accepting of a new friend?
Is your human family ready for a new (temporary) pet?
Can your home  accommodate more paws? (inside & outside)
Most importantly, can your lifestyle adapt to extra responsibility?

Rescue research
Find the right animal organization.  Are you looking to help senior dogs?  Cats only?  Special needs?  Farm animals?  A mom and her new babies?
Many foster programs have different criteria, some might require a fenced yard or someone to be home all the time, others will not. Some will have an application process and possible home visits.

Meet with the rescue group and explain what you would like to get out of this and how you can help them. Be honest. If you are unable to handle a 100lb dog, tell them. They will help make a good match for you and the right animal. Make sure they know of any and all other pets you have as well. Find out if they provide food, vet care and training.

Prepare your home
Make sure there is nothing out that can be toxic to them, or any cords/wires that could pose a threat.
Decide where your new foster will sleep. Do you have a dog bed and/or a dog crate?

“Saving one dog won’t change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog.”
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