Field Trip Fun

  • We shop for your pet supplies
  • We walk your dog in the MetroParks
  • A date with friends at the dog park
  • Swimming in Lake Erie

Field Trip Fun from JoyCares is a group of services that lets your pet get out of the house and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. It also helps break up the day for your pets. With some timid dogs, getting out and interacting with other dogs and other people also helps build socialization skills.

Choose from four Field Trip options below, each a two-hour treat for your best friends.

Shopping Spree
Give JoyCares a list for the pet store, and we will shop for you with your pet. Along the way, your pet will learn mall etiquette and how to ride in a car.

Walk in the Park
Greater Cleveland has one of the best MetroPark Systems anywhere. We take your dog to the park closest to your home.

Dog Park Party
Bringing your dog to a dog park where there are wide open spaces to run without a leash is great for your pet. Exercise. Freedom. Socialization. What’s not to like for your dog?

Beach Bum
For dogs who like to swim, Joycare provides a day at the beach. This service is provided May through October. Once your canine passes our “beach test,” we will be able to transport your dog to and from the beach.

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