Other Services

If you don’t arrive home at your scheduled time for whatever reason, JoyCares will continue caring for your pet until you return.

Some pet-care situations may require extended time for households with multiple pets or pets requiring more care. JoyCares will assess the pets during the pet-care consultation. For example, our staff members could attempt to walk two dogs together within that half-hour time frame.  If the two dogs can be walked together, that would count as one half-hour visit.  But if the two dogs can not be walked at the same time,  each dog would get a 15-minute walk OR billable time is extended to an hour so that each dog gets a half-hour walk.

Free added services while we are at your home:

  • Bringing in the mail and newspaper,
  • watering plants,
  • removing trash from home,
  • moving trash to curb for pick-up,
  • opening/closing blinds,
  • turning lights on/off
  • plus other things that deter would-be burglars or give your home a lived-in look can be included.
  • Ask your JoyCares representative about these free services.
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