Special Needs

There will be times when your pet counts on you for special care. Our service is geared towards geriatric animals and animals with special needs.  Special needs include insulin injections, fluid therapy, oral medications plus more. We also offer alternative therapies such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Bach Flower Essences, Color Harmonics, Turning Forks among others listed below.

JoyCares is highly recommended by area vet offices and has Registered Veterinary Technicians on staff and a Specialized Care Manager who consults with clients to help determine the best ways we can help and provide care that your pet deserves.

We can incorporate our special needs services with other services offered.  For example, you can travel with piece of mind knowing that your pet’s needs are being met.

Post surgical, diabetic management, seizures, renal failure and help with congenital disorders.

Mobility assistance, diet and hygiene.

Kristin Payden our Specialized Care Manager has 25 years’ experience as a registered veterinary technician and is also a Healing Touch Practitioner for animals.

Diane Weinmann our Alternative Therapy Provider has many accreditations for holistic pet remedies and healing modalities. Additionally, Diane has over 12 years’ as a telepathic animal communicator.

JoyCares offers the following alternative therapies; Reiki, Healing Touch, Turning Forks, Bach Flower Essences, TT Touch, Telepathic Animal Communications, STS-2 Healing with Color System, Color Harmonics and Essential Oils-Aromatherapy.

Palliative pain management and in-home care.

In-home guidance and assistance in the end-of-life process.


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