Alt Therapy Provider

Alternative Therapy ProviderDiane Weinmann
HTP – Healing Touch Practitioner
Reiki Master
Color Harmonics Practitioner
Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, Teacher
Animal Communicator

Diane Weinmann

Diane – Alternative Therapy Provider

Diane Weinmann is an Alternative Therapy Provider with many accreditations for holistic pet remedies and healing modalities. Additionally, Diane has over 12 years’ as a telepathic animal communicator, voicing the concerns for our beloved pets both living and passed. Diane listens to your pet, gaining knowledge about their physical and mental health, learning their choices while battling an illness or struggling with behavior problems.

Talking to animals comes easily to Diane; she’s crafted her special gift since her youth and studied animal communications under the direction of Dr. Agnes Thomas, publisher of Pets Tell the Truth. Dr. Thomas is recognized nationally for her work in brain development research and respiratory control.

Understanding so many animals’ stories, Diane realized that many pets were physically hurting and decided to learn how to help further. She found energetic healing using Reiki and now is a Reiki Master. While working as an energy healer she discovered Healing Touch for animals, teaching her how to modulate healing energy to specific areas of an animal’s body and help bridge emotional bearers. The coursework also taught her how to practice Tuning Forks and Essential Oils.

Essential oils and aromatherapy offers an alternative medicine, refining a pet’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health.

Tuning forks is used for both sound and vibrational therapy. She works with the OM frequency to enlist a deep relaxation within your pet.

Since Diane enjoys working with her hands to help elicit animal wellness, she pursued training in the Tellington TTouch, a gentle hands-on method that increases an animal’s awareness, promoting relaxation for healing to occur.

Diane's horse, Montana I have had him 4 years, he is 13 years old and had some emotional issues.  I used HTA and color harmonics with animal communication on him.  He is much better and a joy to ride.

Diane’s horse, Montana. I’ve had him 4 years (13 years old) and we’ve worked through some emotional issues. I used HTA, color harmonics and animal communication. He is much better and a joy to ride.

Diane is educated with reference to the science, theory, and practical application of healing with colored light. She understands the nutritional aspects of color as it provides emotional, physical, anti-aging, and spiritual benefits. As a Color Harmonics Practioner, Diane practices healing with color in addition to the red and infrared light of the STS-2 system.

Diane champions animal hospice and geriatric care.
Likewise, many of her human clients suffered through emotional turmoil after the passing of their animal companion. Diane is professionally trained and provides grief workshops and support groups. Furthermore, through animal communication and Bach Flower Essences, Diane is able to help pets who remain in a household who have experienced a loss and are grieving too, whether that loss is another animal or human companion.

Hope A Tail of Hope’s Faith, a true story of one dog’s animal hospice journey

A Tail of Hope’s Faith, a true story of one dog’s animal hospice journey

Diane lives in Parma with her husband, son and dog along with a pond full of fish. Her horse (Montana) is boarded in Hinckley. When not riding, reading, writing or talking to animals, Diane volunteers at the Parma Animal Shelter providing animal communication and healing to their rescued animals.


Author; A Tail of Hope’s Faith, a true story of one dog’s animal hospice journey. Available now click here, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Parma Animal Shelter. Watch book trailer.

Author of holistic healing essays; Animal Wellness Magazine, Dogs Naturally Magazine (topics; Tuning Forks, Bach Flower Essences, Healing Pets with Crystals, Grief and Pets)

Coursework Accomplished:
Essential Oils, Herbal and Aromatherapy remedies for Animals
Pet First Aid Certified
Certification in Canine Nutrition
Curing Canine Anxiety
Pranic Healing I
When Love isn’t enough (Animal Shelters)
Spirits in Transition Geriatric and Hospice Care for Animals
Pet Loss Companioning

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