Color Harmonics

Color harmonics promotes wellness in your pet using the Lumalight. The Lumalight is a healing tool that uses color light therapy as an energy, healing-based modality.

Color Harmonics Healing Set

Color Harmonics Healing Set

Color therapy has been known to strengthen, cleanse, invigorate, balance and may regulate metabolic processes influencing bodily functions and moods over time. This energy charges up every cell in the body and each color offers different psychological and therapeutic effects.

Animals exhibit a meridian system, just like humans, which are energy channels for the body. These channels are activated by color light to promote healing and wellness.

Extra info, more details about Color Harmonics – click here

Photos – Diane + Neko
Diane, Alternative Therapy Provider
Neko had slipped across wood floors and was walking wobbly, Diane is applying Color Harmonics.

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