Cindy & Moxie

Special Needs Testimonial
Kris Payden – Specialized Care Manager 

My name is Moxie, a super-sized golden retriever, and I want to tell you about my special girls, Marilyn and Sue, at JoyCares. For almost 10 years they took wonderful care of me.  We did everything together – long walks and played rambunctiously with lots of fun toys.  When they fed me they made sure I ate everything on my plate.  They talked to me while we toured the house to check that it was in order and at least once they covered for me when I accidentally damaged and artifact that got in the way of my excitement.

When I developed a heart murmur and eventually congestive heart failure, they were right there with me, meticulously handling my prescriptions and showing me great compassion and love.  I needed specialized care and registered vet tech, Kris, came to see me.  She sat on the floor with me, took my vitals, evaluated my medications and comforted me so I wouldn’t be afraid.  She called my veterinarian to coordinate my care so I would not have to travel to the clinic so often.

When I let everyone know that it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, all of my girls were with me.  Ask my Mom and Dad and they’ll tell you that they will be forever grateful for the incredible attention JoyCares provided throughout my life.
~Cindy A.


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