Gail & Maggie

Special Needs Testimonial
Kris Payden – Specialized Care Manager 

When I first contacted Joy Cares, I was requesting basic care such as feeding and walking.  During the home visit to meet my girl Maggie, I learned about their specialized pet care services. I was thrilled to know Maggie would be cared for by a certified technician.  Her vital signs were taken and notes were left from every visit letting me know how Maggie did during the day.  The girls hand fed her with a spoon while sitting on the floor when necessary.

They played with her or just cuddled, it was all about Maggie.  If I thought something wasn’t quite right, I could call at any time, and they would make a special trip over to check on her.  They offered to go with me to her doctor appointments, sometimes on their own time because they cared so much about her well being… and mine.  Because of their specialized services, I knew I didn’t have to face some difficult times and decisions alone…as Maggie was about to cross the Rainbow Bridge, they made arrangements quickly and were able to be with me for hours.

Joy Cares Specialized Pet Care went above and beyond what I ever imagined. They’re wonderful, compassionate people who are dedicated to caring for your pet and the family.
~Gail A.

Kris & Maggie


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