Healing Touch

HealingTouch2 HealingTouch1 HealingTouchHealing Touch for Animals is a healing methodology that uses the bio-energy field of the animal’s body to promote wellness. HTA is at the forefront of holistic animal health care. It provides specific energy techniques and a hand-on application that works on all species of animals. HTA uses basic science to maintain and regulate a healthy immune system for your animals.

Relaxes the body and muscles
Increases circulation
Elevates oxygen
Help with nutrient absorption
Regulates hormones
Releases toxins
Promotes cell growth and healing

Helps best:

Behavioral Issues
Stress-Related Issues
Trauma (emotional and physical)
Surgery and Recovery
Connection with others (humans and animals)

Photos – Kris & Coco
Specialized Care Manager, Kris Payden is a Healing Touch Practitioner.

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