Julia & Mika, Aspen

Special Needs Testimonial
Kris Payden – Specialized Care Manager

We have used the services of JoyCares for several years.  When our older Malamute, Mika, got cancer, we found out just how special their specialized care services can be…  Kris and her associates helped us through the last months of Mika’s time with us, extending compassion, knowledge and a genuine caring for our big boy’s welfare.  When the time came to guide him across the “Rainbow Bridge”, they were with us every step of the way.
JoyCares also helped us when Aspen, Mika’s brother, passed on.  Our newly adopted Malamute, Kiska, is having surgery and we’re thankful once again to depend on Kris and her team.
The specialized care, senior care, hospice and end of life services available have been a source of great strength to us.  We are grateful for their guidance and support.
~Julia & Don A.

Mika & Aspen


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