Sally & Brantley

Special Needs Testimonial
Kris Payden – Specialized Care Manager

Our 5 year old rescue dog Brantley fell ill quite suddenly…we hadn’t even had him a year so this was such a shock to us. We found out that he had numerous cancerous growth on his spleen and that there wasn’t much we could do for him. Surgery was not an option and we wanted to do the right thing for Brantley who brought us so much joy in such a short time. We called Joy at JoyCares who has been a caregiver to our dogs for years (since 2005) and from whom we got Brantley. Joy immediately got Kris on the case. Kris came to our home several times over the course of 2 weeks. She performed healing Reiki on Brantley to help him feel more comfortable and walked us through the process. She answered all of our questions and made us feel better about the tough decision we had to make, on the day Brantley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Kris was there at our home to administer the drugs as well as hold our hands and cry with us. She was a friend in need and we could not have gotten through this without her.
~ Sally S.

Joy, Kris & Brantley


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