Special Needs – Cooper

Special Needs Record – Cooper
Kris Payden – Specialized Care Manager

Cooper is an eleven-year-old Lab mix. He had his right front leg amputated in November of 2016 due to cancer. His surgery went well and he was sent home. Within four days, Cooper developed Aspiration pneumonia and was hospitalized for another week. He was sent home not eating well, very weak, unable to walk on his own and his owners were at a loss as to how to care for him.

Cooper + Kris

Cooper + Kris

Cooper’s parents were referred to me through the kennel he had boarded at before. When I spoke to Cooper’s Mom, the tone of her voice and the history she gave me was alarming. I set up an appointment to see Cooper the next day.

I arrived to find him lying on his side, unable to even sit up. He had not eaten in three days; his breathing was labored and I knew he was in trouble. They were giving Cooper the medications he was sent home with, however they were told to syringe feed Cooper and were not shown how to do that correctly. Once I showed them how to feed Cooper, the sense of relief on their faces was huge. Cooper was over 100 lbs., he needed to be fed every 6 hours, turned over every 2-3 hrs., had to have help sitting up to drink, needed two people to help him walk a very short distance to potty, would collapse after walking five steps because he was so weak, he was a very sick boy. The other issue was Cooper’s Dad was due to travel and his Mom could not manage by herself, so we set up a care plan for Cooper accordingly and gave his pet parents peace of mind.

Included in that plan was to start healing touch therapy on the first day. Healing touch balances the energy field of the body which in turn provides increased circulation, pain control, better absorption of food, muscle relaxation, increases the immune system to fight infection, and brings the body into a state of optimum healing. Cooper was set up weekly with healing touch sessions for the next three weeks.

In addition to caring for Cooper while his Dad was out of town, I called his Mom daily to gauge how his recovery was going and make any changes based on our conversations. After one week, I saw Cooper again and his improvement was amazing. He could sit up, had been eating on his own, he was wagging his tail and his family was overjoyed at how much better he was doing. He still had a long way to go, but I felt he was on the right track and had turned the corner from a very sick boy to making a full recovery.

For the past six months, I have seen Cooper monthly to continue his healing touch sessions. He is happy and loving his life with his family. The type of cancer Cooper had in is leg is one that does spread to other parts of the body and Cooper has two small tumors in his lungs which are not interfering with his quality of life. He sees his Oncologist regularly to monitor them and as of April 2017 Cooper is living his life to the fullest!

Each time I work on Cooper, I am reminded of how important and resilient our pets are. Getting to know them and their pet parents in home, gives me the perfect opportunity to see exactly what kind of care they need. The bond and relationship we form is deeply connecting.

My advice to pet parents is simple. Don’t go by the paper, go by your pet. Add in the support of our specialized care team to help guide you through the next chapter in your pet’s life. There is help available, just reach out.

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