Telepathic Animal Communications

Inter-species telepathic communication is used to help our companion animals have their own voice. Through animal communications we can learn how animals think and look at the world. Once we understand how your pet thinks, agreements can be made on many different types of issues.

This process enables healing to occur on many levels and promotes a closer relationship between you and your friend. Healing can occur on an emotional, physical or spiritual basis for all parties involved. In talking with your pet we can often time learn they are in need of healing either physically, emotionally or spiritually.

In addition, animal communication helps in handling behavior problems, death, the dying process and providing information and comfort to and from your animal friend once they have passed into their spirit form.

Diane Weinmann has over 12 years’ as a telepathic animal communicator, voicing the concerns for our beloved pets both living and passed.

Diane & Neko

Diane & Neko

Diane listens to your pet, gaining knowledge about their physical and mental health, learning their choices while battling an illness or struggling with behavior problems.

Talking to animals comes easily to Diane; she’s crafted her special gift since her youth and studied animal communications under the direction of Dr. Agnes Thomas, publisher of Pets Tell the Truth. Dr. Thomas is recognized nationally for her work in brain development research and respiratory control.

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