Tuning Forks

We all know that sound or music is said to sooth the savage beast.  Many different  sounds illicit reactions from animals and people alike.  A gentle rain falling, waves crashing on the beach or gurgling brook are very calming, while a drum solo is very invigorating.  You can almost feel the drums beating away inside your body! That’s their vibration.  Vibration comes in many forms.  It can be loud, soft, invigorating or sooth you to sleep.  Did you know it can also be used as a healing modality?

Tuning forks are used for both sound and vibrational therapy. Working with the OM frequency we enlist a deep relaxation within your pet.
Use of tuning forks 
with animals entails performing a set of 3 activations at each treatment area…
#1 – the first activation opens the energy system
#2 – the second clears the energy system
#3 – the last creates balance within the energy system

Turning Forks

Tuning Forks

Vibrational therapy is accomplished by placing the forks on the body (bones, spine, joint) to create balance in the energy system. The sound therapy helps integrate other healing that is offered at a deeper level and the sound helps to settle and ground the animal.

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Uses for the OM Tuning Forks:
Creates relaxation
Grounds and focuses
Stimulates the physiology of the body
Wound healing and fractures
Cancer and other major illnesses
Stabilization for behavior modification

Photos below – Diane & Neko.
Diane, Alternative Therapy Provider
Diane applying tuning forks to Neko’s injured shoulder.

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2013 Feb Diane PROMO AD (16) 2013 Feb Diane PROMO AD (3)

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